venerdì 6 febbraio 2009

Andrea Haenggi

Residence stay at Tanzhaus Zurich of Andrea Haenggi:

Multi-cultural-media cooperation with US / Chinese / Swiss artists


GYROTONIC® teachers program @ Muladhara studio (premium bodywork) in Zurich:

Examination Course: beginning of September 2009 (certified teacher)

Dance and Play series by Linn Skansen

Oslo, Stokholmgata

Pictures by Linn Skansen


Many thanks to Gisela Rocha for letting me assist her while preparing the Strawinsky piece with Introdans, Arnhem.

Tandoori Love and Gisela Rocha

Funny shooting in the Berner Alps during October-November 2007 (Premiere January 2009)
Choreographer: Gisela Rocha

bonus track (the Indian on the Alps, or 'more tears, we need more tears')

Nora's dancing scene and Cecilie Løveid's theater

Seminar paper on the dancing scene in A Dollhouse (Ett Dukkehjem) by Henrik Ibsen.

Looking at Nora dancing for her life in the Tarantella scene at the end of Act 2 as the climax of the plot in A Dollhouse, the final confrontation in Act 3 is only bound to happen. Nora's dancing is a physical anticipation of the verbal discussion with her husband.

Ett Dukkehjem (A2) (A3)

Seminar on Cecilie Løveid Barokfrise
The use of the body and the dancing body in Cecilie Løveid Barokfrise.

Yeats, Noh theater and celtic mythology

At the beginning of the 20th century the Irish author William Butler Yeats reuses Japanese Noh theater to bring forward the Irish Literary Revival.
The Noh forms, characterized by highly codified movements, are adapted to celtic mythology. As a result dance finally enters the theater circuit as a serious art form even though through the backdoor.

My Lizenziatarbeit concentrated on the different functions of the dancing scenes in the plot.