giovedì 20 settembre 2018

May 2017 Dialogue#001 at FiM (Forum für improvisierte Musik) Basel

Dialogue #001
Katja Vaghi and Christian Wolfarth
Collaboration between the choreographer and dancer Katja Vaghi and the percussionist Christian Wolfarth
At the core of Dialogue #001 is the notion of dance and music (percussion) as languages. Can they indeed behave as 'languages'? And how do we 'communicate' between art forms? Exploring the respective (choreographic and music) improvisation toolboxes and residual communication - the visual elements in music and the acoustic ones in dance - we want to make visible how the two art forms come together to create a whole. The focus is thus on the active listening of the other and our choices in response.
"REFLECTION - Tanz trifft Musik" organised by the FiM (Forum für improvisierte Musik) Basel
Unternehmen Mitte (Safe), Basel
Event duration
Tuesday 30th May 2017
Link to Performance video

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